Seamless production for the new iPhone X

Seamless production for the new iPhone X

The iPhone X is considered a must when it comes to flagship tech products, and yet again, it seems Apple ran into some difficulties to answer the massive demand over the last few weeks, all the more with a few hickups during the production stage.

Recently, it seems that the American giant has solved its production problems and that everything is now back in order.

iPhone X out of stock?

Apple experienced high sale volumes of its brand new iPhone X between September and November 2017, with production increasing tenfold during this short period. That’s what an Apple expert called Ming-Chi Kuo explained last week to the MacRumors website.

He thus indicated that “daily deliveries of iPhone X will now hover between 450,000 and 550,000 units, compared to 50,000 to 150,000 units a month or two ago”. The good news is that Apple would have anticipated this sharp increase in sales, which means that the firm should now avoid being out of stock, which is always unpleasant for a commercial business as the holiday and end of the year season approaches.

As a result, the delivery times are now quite decent, going from one to two weeks.

A solution to mass-production issues faced by Apple

ipposossksjsjehjeiueiuissiixxxThe same analyst also gave other critical informations, namely that Apple would have guaranteed the supply of two of its key components, where the firm was not able to secure it some time ago.

Indeed, its components had difficulty being supplied in large quantities by the brand’s subcontractors. But with Taiwanese company Career Technology, 4G antennas are expected to be designed in the volumes requested between November and December 2017, which is double compared to what this figure was during production time.

Apple should also rely on LG Innotek and Sharp suppliers for the famous sensors that will be used for the Face ID system, the outstanding facial recognition device of the new iPhone X, and which is no stranger to the success of Apple’s lastest smartphone.

5 Simple Tricks to Accelerate Your Mac

5 Simple Tricks to Accelerate Your Mac

Most articles like this: either they forget the most obvious stuff – it probably does not pro enough to talk about simple things – just to talk about geek stuff, or they offer us to install An application or to spend money to buy more RAM or to replace the hard disk with an SSD.

Installing an SSD or more RAM works very well, but it’s like replacing the engine of a Twingo with an F1 and the tank of a moped with a super tanker. And it is not given.

However, it is not simple and free tricks that are lacking before going through a utility or spending your money. And most of all, some of these tricks are useful even if you already have the ram to know what to do and an SSD.

For example:

Restart your Mac

Myths have a hard life: “a Mac, it does not need to reboot.” It’s wrong. It may remain on for a long time, but its performance will deteriorate (more or less sensitive, depending on your version of OSX).

A restart allows it to do a little cleaning (and to recover from the space taken on the disk), it also kills (ends) all existing programs and processes. If the difference is imperceptible over a few days, it will do good to a Mac that has remained on or standby for weeks.

Close unused applications

Even though recent versions of OSX further improve memory management. Each application (process, service) started consumes resources: memory and processor.

The Activity Monitor (Applications -> Utilities) will give you a clear idea of ​​all the applications and processes that are active on the Mac, what they use from the processor, as well as memory:

Reduce the mess on the desktop

The Desktop is not there to store all your files: beyond a certain threshold, displaying all these icons can slow down the Mac.

So put your files in folders – if you’re just like me, put them in a folder, even on the desktop: a folder = a single icon, no matter what it is.

Limit the number of applications that start automatically

Keep only what is truly essential to you. In System Preferences -> Users and Groups:

If you want to be able to launch the apps of your choice at once, an ounce of AppleScript will simplify your life without slowing down the start of the Mac

Free up space on the disc

clean my mac to do the maintenance on your mac

The Mac needs disk space to work comfortably, several tens of GB are not luxury. The free space is displayed in the Finder’s status bar at the bottom of each window. If it is not visible, from the Finder go to Presentation > Show Status Bar.

So if you run out of space you can:

Empty the trash. I advocate not emptying the trash too often (otherwise, it is useless), but when you need space …
Do the cleaning in the Downloads folder and your other folders.
Delete applications you no longer use. Games especially can take up a lot of space.

If it still does not change anything. It goes without saying that switching from a conventional hard drive (HDD) to an SSD turns any slow computer into a running machine – at least as far as opening files and applications, the processor will not run faster – much more efficiently than adding RAM … but it is more expensive. Find more here!

Changes to Come in the Google Recaptcha System

Changes to Come in the Google Recaptcha System

On the Internet, nobody knows that you are using an iPhone 6 when browsing. No one, except maybe Google, who bought in 2009 the company reCaptcha.

This company has designed a technology that makes it possible to differentiate human beings from robots. The technique has long been based on very short words to recopy or more recently on elements to recognize within an image.

Constant tweaking of the system from Google

Recently Google had introduced a simple checkbox. But these different methods often remain an inconvenience to the user and require an interaction on his part. Google had promised in early 2016 to solve this problem.

A year later, Google details its new vision of the bot hunting: the captchas displayed by its ReCaptcha service will no longer rely solely on user interaction, but on a study of its behavior as soon as It connects to the relevant page. Google explains in a video that this new system will rely on machine learning to analyze the behavior of the users and to establish an individual score that will allow to classify them.

If the user checks all the boxes of the Google algorithm, Google will let it go to the page that interests him. Otherwise, if doubt is allowed, Google will return to the system of captchas classic and propose text to be copied or images to be analyzed.

Implications for the users?

For the user, the operation considerably simplifies the procedure. But it’s not surprising that Google, a specialist in targeted advertising sales, is bringing its behavioral analysis tools to the service of robot recognition. The technique does not fail to recall the main principles of the project Abacus, the project of Google to remove passwords.

tough on bots easy on humans

Again, the technology will rely on a behavioral analysis of the user, who will be asked for a password only if the conclusions of the algorithm are not sufficient to authenticate the user. Google will nevertheless continue to use its captchas to simplify the process of scanning books or the accuracy of its Google Maps service.

However, Google remains very discreet about the details of the system and the factors that will be taken into account by the algorithm to rule on the humanity of the user requesting access to a page protected by a captcha. One can imagine that the creators of the robots will soon find ways to circumvent the precautions of Google, but the company of Mountain View can always try to save time.

Top 5 Security Tips for a Safe and Secure Home or Business

Top 5 Security Tips for a Safe and Secure Home or Business

In this year 2017, one of the most important things homeowners should do protecting their homes from intruders.

The decision you make as an owner to protect your property, office or business ought to comply with the insurance requirements set by an insurance provider.

Before embracing a security measure, it is wise to go through security tips to know the latest products and choose the most applicable to you. Keeping your business or home safe and secure is vital as it increases the time a burglar spends to gain entry and as such the chances of theft occurring are minimal.

Here are some of the security tips for a safe and secure home or office.

• Lock all doors and windows

make sure your locks are secured enoughBefore you leave your property, ensure that you lock all your doors and windows. In fact, this is one thing that should be in your mind always when leaving your home even if it’s for a few minutes. Leaving the windows or doors open makes the entry into the building much easier.

Even during the hot seasons, it is advisable not to leave the windows open at night as that would grant a thief easy access. Your windows should be securely locked. Choose steel doors or solid wood and avoid hollow wood doors.
When installing doors, ensure hinges are on the inside so that they cannot be easily removed. The back doors and those that connect the house to the garage ought to be solid and secured with high-security locks.

• Take care of the keys

Keys, when left on display, may persuade a passerby to attack your property. As such, ensure that you keep your keys out of circulation.
When a burglar gets hold of your keys, they can do you a lot of mess since they can easily break-in. Also, make sure that you keep your car keys out of reach by a burglar as they can drive off in your vehicle after a theft.
Be careful when giving out keys to your home, and it would be wise if you give keys to people you trust. If possible, don’t leave your spare keys in obvious places like under welcome mats. It is advisable to change all locks when you move into a new apartment or house. The locks you buy should have keys that cannot be duplicated or those that will require your authorization to make copies, and it is only a professional locksmith who can duplicate them.

• Lighting

safety at all timesIf you have not installed outdoor lighting, make a point of getting lights that switch on when motion is detected. Also, you can go for dim lights that can turn on at night. Motion sensitive lights will make you feel safe and deter burglars who do not want to be seen.
The sensors you install should cover a significant distance when motion is detected. Leaving a light on when you go out in the evening can deter criminals. Ensure that you remove branches or trees close to your home as they can easily give burglars entry to the upper levels of your property. You can plant small thorny bushes below windows so that a potential thief can find it difficult to get into the property.

• British standard locks

When choosing locks, it is recommended that you only choose those that conform to British Standard (BS3621). British standard locks have tested durability, strength, and security.
They have been re-tested and re-assessed to provide confidence in the safety, quality, and reliability. Most insurance providers will only cover your loss if you have this locks in place. Avoid using locks that are made of materials that ca be unlocked thus putting your security at risk.

• Burglar Alarms

Another important security measure a must have on your property should be burglar alarms. In fact, these alarms make a thief think carefully before breaking into your property.
If you have alarms in place, make a point of changing their security code regularly. You can also install dummy alarms as most of them are similar to the working versions and it is difficult for a thief to tell the difference.

Management indicators in the real estate profession.

Management indicators in the real estate profession.

In this post we will explain real estate management indicators that are more important as you need to evaluate them yourself, I am going to classify them in two parts that will be quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative indicators:

They focus on what vendors are doing.

• Is related to the way how they are your sales.

• The type of client that points.

• key work objectives for this period.

These goals are linked to the quantity of sales made, in the case of this profession, we could consider the following points:

-Minimum number of monthly average inventory in existence 25 properties.

-Optimal percentage of 40% and 70% ideal exclusivity

-Performance of monthly properties. You need to reach 35 as a minimum number.

-Number of new contacts per month (prospecting) optimum 75, ideal 250, we recommend driving at least an excel sheet or better still a CRM.

You must also you have an average of sales for the period and analyze their growth or low.

Additional advice: if you want to stay in the loop, you must always have in your list or agenda around five customers that you think you can close at the end of the month and the best five properties in which you focus on selling by price, location, and physical state.

Qualitative indicators:

This type of index reflects the rather than the things by the real estate agent are made from a point of view of the conduct.

With this example, the person is evaluated from the perspective of their skills, commitment, initiative, etc. Some of the aspects to be determined through this type of evaluation are:

• Domain and knowledge of the real estate product that sells

• Organization of a daily agenda and planning activities.

• Reporting and responsiveness with customers.

• Average number of hours that is trains every month

• Development of new segments of the market.

• Materials accounting for the presentation of services.


The Best Black Friday Deals

For those who have been saving for a flagship Smartphone or perhaps some other important item, well you might be pleased to know that Black Friday is a day when you can purchase your favorite items at amazing discounts. It’s regarded by most people around the world as the day that can usher in the festive season. It’s also equally important to note that this time of the year is when individuals can procure their favorite items from the consumer market and at highly affordable prices as well.

Products for Black Friday

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

Discover the excellence of the DJI Phantom 4 Drone Avec Caméra Embarquée that features a unique auto take off and auto return home technology to make it a top addition for your unique needs. It comes with a special camera app that enables simple monitoring and camera operation for the user each time. This unit also allows users to capture your favorite footage at 30 fps and some of the resolutions available include well over 12 megapixels. This unit also provides sufficient path flight aerodynamics and stabilization technology along with a special hover function that allows the user to capture smooth and clean footage even when the device is still in the air.

DJI Mavic Pro

Experience the superior quality of the DJI Mavic Pro drone that is a small yet powerful drone that helps you convert the sky into your creative canvas easily. This is because this unit comes in a compact size that encapsulates a significant amount of features to make it one of the most innovative tech tools in the world. Besides that, the DJI Mavic PRO comes with an all new transmission system, 4K camera, and four vision sensors to allow you to explore the best of the outdoors each time. Users will also appreciate that this unit also comes with a unique 4K camera that is stabilized by a 3 Axis mechanical gimbal and with just the push of a simple button. This unit also comes with a durable and rugged exterior to provide endless flying fun.


Don’t be these guys please !

Syma X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro HD Camera RC Quadcopter

Take your technological collection to the next level with the Syma X5C 2.4 G 6 axis Gyro that comes with a special stabilization system to make the helicopter more stable and flexible especially when flying. Besides that, this unit also comes with a wind resistant design that allows users to navigate the indoors and outdoors and the modular design structure is more simple for convenient and maintenance. The Syma X5C also comes with unique 360 DEGREE Eversion and throwing flight function to allows users to experience the best of balance and stability especially in areas with several obstacles. If you are looking for a mini drone pas cher, this is the right pick for you !

Finally and when all factors are considered, the festive season presents an excellent opportunity for you to show the spirit of sharing and love with all your friends. For this reason, Black Friday is a worthwhile endeavor for you since you not only gain access to some of the flagship products available on the consumer market today, but you also have the at some of the most affordable prices available as well.


Some of the Best Tech Jobs in Australia

Some of the Best Tech Jobs in Australia

The 21st century has paved the way for a broad spectrum of tech careers that are not only fun to engage in but are also powering innovation into the future.

Simply put, Tech jobs just refers to careers that involve the use of particular expertise to manipulate and control tech systems including but not limited to mobile devices, software programs, and websites amongst many others.
In most cases, these types of professions typically require special experience and qualification such as a computer science skills to be able to get the job done right.
While some companies in Australia may accept professionals without Bachelors degree qualifications, it highly important that one has sufficient experience and knowledge required in the given field.

This is in part because of the high competition and ever-changing dynamics of the tech jobs in Australia.

Some of the Tech jobs

Computer systems analysis


Customer liaison representative for an IT company

Computer systems analysis si an important aspect of information technology and businesses as well. This types of jobs are readily available in Australia, and it entails using the knowledge of information technology and business to come up with more efficient and effective computer systems.

While these types of professionals may have several responsibilities, their primary task is to evaluate the client’s business, be it an organisation in Melbourne or perhaps a University institutions. Besides that, this types of analysts will often research the best technologies that can help the organisation to run their systems and make them affordable and efficient at the same time.

Web developer

Just as the name suggests, a web developer is a techie who is responsible for the development and maintenance of websites. In most cases, this type of tech job is available for those companies in Australia that have or perhaps require an online presence to improve their customer reach and service provisioning as well.

To be specific, the web developer typically has specialized knowledge regarding the various programming languages that are available such as CSS, HTML, and PHP amongst many others. More so, the wed developer is also responsible for ensuring that websites are not only compatible with PCs, but with mobile computing devices.

Software developer

Another equally important job when it comes to tech jobs in Australia is software development. To be specific, software development entails the production and maintenance of software programs that are designed to achieve specific tasks for a given company or entity.

In most cases, this type of profession in Australia not only requires some formal qualification, but it also requires sufficient experience to get the job done right and with the appropriate results. Some of the common programming languages you are likely to come across include MySQL, C++, RUBY RAILS AND Java amongst many more others.

All things considered when it comes to tech jobs in Australia; it’s important that you not only have sufficient skills but also some level of experience to make you stand out from the rest of the competition. The above mentioned are just some of the excellent jobs that you are likely yo come across, and there are so much more for you to take into consideration.

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