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Welcome to Profit Project

ProFit aims to stimulate innovation and new business creation in the home and services sector by developing an EU network of associations and communities focused on these two main topics. Our offices are located in urban communities where citizens can engage in innovative business activities.

A product innovation competition is incorporated into the project to inspire and source exciting new products to test in the field-labs. Field-labs will be developed in four European cities: Eindhoven, Delft (Nl), Kortrijk (Be) and Sheffield (UK) as well as Perth (AU).

A supportive research programme provides scientific rigour to the development and operation of the field-labs and products.

ProFit is funded by the European Union, under the Interreg IVB North West Europe programme.

The concept has huge potential: it helps stimulating cooperation between the world of home, trade, knowledge institutes and businesses. And at the same time, cities get attractive spaces that contribute to health and well-being, their citizens will have new places to meet and have fun!”

Innovation Competition

The ProFit Innovation Award 2016 is a competition to find new innovations related to the trade and home industries. The competition can be entered with an innovative design, product or even service, for example a product, service, or a combination of both that is still in an experimental phase or one that has been worked out concretely.

5 Profit innovation awards of 20.000 USD are available for the best innovations of the year!

Contest structure

The contest is divided in the following steps:

Getting started: Inspiration & Information sessions

Promising SMEs and students come together on a local and international level. These sessions, which will be held in every participating city, are set up with the goal to facilitate, stimulate and help potential competitors in this competition. Participants in the session receive information about local user needs and key stakeholders in the region. This creative brainstorm session will hopefully result in a promising innovation idea in collaboration with design students of the participating Universities.

Please visit our website to see when and where the Inspiration & Information session takes place in your region.

Step 1. Local competition

Participants can hand in their contribution before 30 September 2016 via the application form on the profit website. In every participating city an innovation competition will be held. During a local competition final all local competitors will be presented to the local audience and local expert jury. The four local juries choose the 4 local winners of the ProFit Innovation Award 2016. All 4 local winners receive a 20.000 USD voucher for prototyping. Please visit our website to see when and where the local competition final takes place in your region.

Step 2. International competition

During the international competition final, planned at the Amsterdam 2016 Event on 12 & 13 December, all 4 local winners will be presented to the international audience and international jury members. An international expert jury will decide which company is the winner of the international  ProFit Innovation Award 2012. The international winner will receive an additional 20.000 USD voucher for prototyping and international dissemination!

Step 3. Prototyping and implementation in the fieldlabs

All prizes are intended to further develop the innovation. The winning teams will receive an award voucher to develop their designs into prototypes which will then be installed in the field-labs.

Who can participate?

All companies in EU North West Europe (NWE) region* can participate. The competition is intended particularly for SME’s and start-up companies. Companies will be challenged to establish consortia with students of the participating Universities and their partner cities to develop new products and services related to sports and exercise.

To participate in the ProFit Innovation Award, fill out the application form, on the profit website and submit before 30 September 2012. The application form will be available as from June 2012.It is allowed to submit multiple innovations, however, a separate application form should be filled out for each innovation. It is not allowed to submit the same innovation to multiple field labs.

Please see the downloads section for the complete completion document & rules and regulations.


Mark Joenker


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