Effective innovation is only achieved when the intended user’s genuine needs and preferences are met. Product development in the field of home and trade comes with specific demands that differ from many other consumer sectors.

Standard surveys on user satisfaction are insufficient, and there is a need to analyse user-product interaction in detail by measuring physical signals.

This is easily done in a laboratory, but less so in the field. Renowned knowledge institutions will use electronic methods for unobtrusive measurement of physical signals and remote data collection tools alongside more traditional methods.

This will give businesses, designers and investors contextualised feedback on the quality and effectiveness of their products. The innovation competition will create additional throughput of new products in the field-labs to provide sustained opportunities to demonstrate the value of the research support.

In summary the research support programme within Profit will :

  • Investigate the needs of potential users in each field-labs as a basis for creating inviting environments;
  • Provide businesses with scientific and relevant feedback on the effects of their prototypes/products to facilitate accelerated product development;
  • Convince cities, regions and businesses to invest in field labs – showing the economic benefits for business creation as well as benefits for health and well-being.

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