Top 5 Security Tips for a Safe and Secure Home or Business

Top 5 Security Tips for a Safe and Secure Home or Business

In this year 2017, one of the most important things homeowners should do protecting their homes from intruders.

The decision you make as an owner to protect your property, office or business ought to comply with the insurance requirements set by an insurance provider.

Before embracing a security measure, it is wise to go through security tips to know the latest products and choose the most applicable to you. Keeping your business or home safe and secure is vital as it increases the time a burglar spends to gain entry and as such the chances of theft occurring are minimal.

Here are some of the security tips for a safe and secure home or office.

• Lock all doors and windows

make sure your locks are secured enoughBefore you leave your property, ensure that you lock all your doors and windows. In fact, this is one thing that should be in your mind always when leaving your home even if it’s for a few minutes. Leaving the windows or doors open makes the entry into the building much easier.

Even during the hot seasons, it is advisable not to leave the windows open at night as that would grant a thief easy access. Your windows should be securely locked. Choose steel doors or solid wood and avoid hollow wood doors.
When installing doors, ensure hinges are on the inside so that they cannot be easily removed. The back doors and those that connect the house to the garage ought to be solid and secured with high-security locks.

• Take care of the keys

Keys, when left on display, may persuade a passerby to attack your property. As such, ensure that you keep your keys out of circulation.
When a burglar gets hold of your keys, they can do you a lot of mess since they can easily break-in. Also, make sure that you keep your car keys out of reach by a burglar as they can drive off in your vehicle after a theft.
Be careful when giving out keys to your home, and it would be wise if you give keys to people you trust. If possible, don’t leave your spare keys in obvious places like under welcome mats. It is advisable to change all locks when you move into a new apartment or house. The locks you buy should have keys that cannot be duplicated or those that will require your authorization to make copies, and it is only a professional locksmith who can duplicate them.

• Lighting

safety at all timesIf you have not installed outdoor lighting, make a point of getting lights that switch on when motion is detected. Also, you can go for dim lights that can turn on at night. Motion sensitive lights will make you feel safe and deter burglars who do not want to be seen.
The sensors you install should cover a significant distance when motion is detected. Leaving a light on when you go out in the evening can deter criminals. Ensure that you remove branches or trees close to your home as they can easily give burglars entry to the upper levels of your property. You can plant small thorny bushes below windows so that a potential thief can find it difficult to get into the property.

• British standard locks

When choosing locks, it is recommended that you only choose those that conform to British Standard (BS3621). British standard locks have tested durability, strength, and security.
They have been re-tested and re-assessed to provide confidence in the safety, quality, and reliability. Most insurance providers will only cover your loss if you have this locks in place. Avoid using locks that are made of materials that ca be unlocked thus putting your security at risk.

• Burglar Alarms

Another important security measure a must have on your property should be burglar alarms. In fact, these alarms make a thief think carefully before breaking into your property.
If you have alarms in place, make a point of changing their security code regularly. You can also install dummy alarms as most of them are similar to the working versions and it is difficult for a thief to tell the difference.

Management indicators in the real estate profession.

Management indicators in the real estate profession.

In this post we will explain real estate management indicators that are more important as you need to evaluate them yourself, I am going to classify them in two parts that will be quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative indicators:

They focus on what vendors are doing.

• Is related to the way how they are your sales.

• The type of client that points.

• key work objectives for this period.

These goals are linked to the quantity of sales made, in the case of this profession, we could consider the following points:

-Minimum number of monthly average inventory in existence 25 properties.

-Optimal percentage of 40% and 70% ideal exclusivity

-Performance of monthly properties. You need to reach 35 as a minimum number.

-Number of new contacts per month (prospecting) optimum 75, ideal 250, we recommend driving at least an excel sheet or better still a CRM.

You must also you have an average of sales for the period and analyze their growth or low.

Additional advice: if you want to stay in the loop, you must always have in your list or agenda around five customers that you think you can close at the end of the month and the best five properties in which you focus on selling by price, location, and physical state.

Qualitative indicators:

This type of index reflects the rather than the things by the real estate agent are made from a point of view of the conduct.

With this example, the person is evaluated from the perspective of their skills, commitment, initiative, etc. Some of the aspects to be determined through this type of evaluation are:

• Domain and knowledge of the real estate product that sells

• Organization of a daily agenda and planning activities.

• Reporting and responsiveness with customers.

• Average number of hours that is trains every month

• Development of new segments of the market.

• Materials accounting for the presentation of services.


About Chinese investments in Australia

About Chinese investments in Australia

Australia is regarded as one of the best destinations in the world for Chinese Investments; this according to the latest information provided by the American Enterprise Institute, which tracks various investments all over the world.

The research recently documented that Chinese based investments in Australia were valued at well over $12.5billion for the 2015 fiscal year, a 25% rise from the $10 billion from the 2014 fiscal year.

This type of relative Chine investment data strongly shows that Australia is a competitive, dynamic and robust business led economy, which is rated highly by Chinese state regulators and investment firms as well.

Besides that, various other recent studies have documented that more investment from China should be expected in Australia due to their superior market economy and currency values as well.


Nowadays, China is easily ranked as one of the world’s largest sources of foreign investment.

To be specific, back in the 80s, when Chin was still a fledgeling economy, it never seemed plausible that one day China would be making a hefty investment in the Australian economy. Indeed the country has a non-democratic political system, and it is regarded as a strategic competitor to some of the largest economies in the world including the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Here are some of the noteworthy facts relating to Chinese investments in Australia:

main-industries-china-invests-inThe unique cities of Australia known as Melbourne and Sydney are regarded as one of the most active cities for Chinese marketers today. This is mainly due to their geographic logistics; high yields in the consumer market and with these two places surpassing China’s investment in most other cities in the world.

Australian and China relations can be seen to have started way back in 1909 when the fist Chinese consulate was launched in Australia. More so, Australia increased its compliance with Chinese recognised more investment from the country after it lost the Chinese Civil War in early 1949.

China’s investment in the real estate market has seen the investors in the Country seeking for newer destinations and locations that offer prime property investment and lucrative business options as well. Some of the most common cities for their investment include Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide amongst many more others, thereby making Australia one of their primary investment locations.

For the first time in history, Chinese-based investment in the private sector in Australia surpassed the state-owned investment number of deals by well over 80% as well as in the cumulative value of well over 66% in the 2014 year.

More importantly, Australia maintained its position as the second largest receiver of Chine based investment in particular through the years between 2006 and 201 as well


Broadly speaking, Chinese Investments in the Australian market are increasing, and the country is increasingly becoming a lucrative market for many investors all over the world. China has discovered the value of investing in the country and is, therefore, becoming one of their primary investors since 2007.

Business Tips To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy thing. However most of us dream to be one. Being called a successful entrepreneur needs a lot of passion, handwork, and patience. You can not get success within a night. If there are much loss in having your own business, then there are uncountable benefits too. If you want to stand out different from the crowd, then you must have a strategy. Here in this post, we are going to share some business tips that are very important to be followed in order to be a successful entrepreneur. What are they? Have a look.

Don’t Hate Your Work. 

What makes you going is your passion. You think new with each passing day when you’re passionate about what you do. So, whatever your business is, make sure you do not hate it. You must love what you do in order to get yourself where you have dreamed of being.


Celebrate Small Achievements.

Starting something and getting success is a black moon thing. You must work hard to get success in your field. Most of the times, in order to get a huge benefit, we ignore the small achievements that somewhere lessen our confidence. The risk is a very common term in start-ups but the one who takes it, mostly come out with the huge benefits. These benefits can be achieved within few days, it may take few day, few months and may be few years so try to celebrate small achievements in order to boost up your confidence.

Take Knowledge From Everyone. 

The successful mostly start working for others and in that duration, they make themselves a skilled person. You can not start your own business when you do not even know a single thing related to that field. Spending a few years under a well known and skilled person can provide you many opportunities to learn something great. So meet many people and learn from them.

Successful Business Tips

Self Motivation Is All You Need.

There are many times when you feel totally low and de-motivated. All you want to leave, everything and start working in any sector. But, in such times, all you really need is motivating lines from someone. That someone could be anyone. It could be your friend, your mother, your father, your loved one and most importantly it could be you.

Don’t Just Say, Do.

When it’s about a start-up, it simply means a continuous passion. You can’t just sit and think. The best thing about the successful entrepreneurs is that they move and hustle. They keep thinking all day and night, and this is how they get the success.

Have A Plan.

Before starting your own business, you must have researched about it. You must have a strategy for the work you’re supposed to work upon. How to do that? Well, for that you must start reading the failure stories of successful people so that you get to know, what you shouldn’t do.

Conclusion: The lifestyle of successful entrepreneurs is quite different than the ordinary people. They wake up early to get their things done on time. They workout to make their body fit, they meet new people in order to learn something new. In short, successful people have a balanced and structured lifestyle. This lifestyle helps them to achieve their goals.

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