Changes to Come in the Google Recaptcha System

Changes to Come in the Google Recaptcha System

On the Internet, nobody knows that you are using an iPhone 6 when browsing. No one, except maybe Google, who bought in 2009 the company reCaptcha.

This company has designed a technology that makes it possible to differentiate human beings from robots. The technique has long been based on very short words to recopy or more recently on elements to recognize within an image.

Constant tweaking of the system from Google

Recently Google had introduced a simple checkbox. But these different methods often remain an inconvenience to the user and require an interaction on his part. Google had promised in early 2016 to solve this problem.

A year later, Google details its new vision of the bot hunting: the captchas displayed by its ReCaptcha service will no longer rely solely on user interaction, but on a study of its behavior as soon as It connects to the relevant page. Google explains in a video that this new system will rely on machine learning to analyze the behavior of the users and to establish an individual score that will allow to classify them.

If the user checks all the boxes of the Google algorithm, Google will let it go to the page that interests him. Otherwise, if doubt is allowed, Google will return to the system of captchas classic and propose text to be copied or images to be analyzed.

Implications for the users?

For the user, the operation considerably simplifies the procedure. But it’s not surprising that Google, a specialist in targeted advertising sales, is bringing its behavioral analysis tools to the service of robot recognition. The technique does not fail to recall the main principles of the project Abacus, the project of Google to remove passwords.

tough on bots easy on humans

Again, the technology will rely on a behavioral analysis of the user, who will be asked for a password only if the conclusions of the algorithm are not sufficient to authenticate the user. Google will nevertheless continue to use its captchas to simplify the process of scanning books or the accuracy of its Google Maps service.

However, Google remains very discreet about the details of the system and the factors that will be taken into account by the algorithm to rule on the humanity of the user requesting access to a page protected by a captcha. One can imagine that the creators of the robots will soon find ways to circumvent the precautions of Google, but the company of Mountain View can always try to save time.

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