Management indicators in the real estate profession.

Management indicators in the real estate profession.

In this post we will explain real estate management indicators that are more important as you need to evaluate them yourself, I am going to classify them in two parts that will be quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative indicators:

They focus on what vendors are doing.

• Is related to the way how they are your sales.

• The type of client that points.

• key work objectives for this period.

These goals are linked to the quantity of sales made, in the case of this profession, we could consider the following points:

-Minimum number of monthly average inventory in existence 25 properties.

-Optimal percentage of 40% and 70% ideal exclusivity

-Performance of monthly properties. You need to reach 35 as a minimum number.

-Number of new contacts per month (prospecting) optimum 75, ideal 250, we recommend driving at least an excel sheet or better still a CRM.

You must also you have an average of sales for the period and analyze their growth or low.

Additional advice: if you want to stay in the loop, you must always have in your list or agenda around five customers that you think you can close at the end of the month and the best five properties in which you focus on selling by price, location, and physical state.

Qualitative indicators:

This type of index reflects the rather than the things by the real estate agent are made from a point of view of the conduct.

With this example, the person is evaluated from the perspective of their skills, commitment, initiative, etc. Some of the aspects to be determined through this type of evaluation are:

• Domain and knowledge of the real estate product that sells

• Organization of a daily agenda and planning activities.

• Reporting and responsiveness with customers.

• Average number of hours that is trains every month

• Development of new segments of the market.

• Materials accounting for the presentation of services.


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