Seamless production for the new iPhone X

Seamless production for the new iPhone X

The iPhone X is considered a must when it comes to flagship tech products, and yet again, it seems Apple ran into some difficulties to answer the massive demand over the last few weeks, all the more with a few hickups during the production stage.

Recently, it seems that the American giant has solved its production problems and that everything is now back in order.

iPhone X out of stock?

Apple experienced high sale volumes of its brand new iPhone X between September and November 2017, with production increasing tenfold during this short period. That’s what an Apple expert called Ming-Chi Kuo explained last week to the MacRumors website.

He thus indicated that “daily deliveries of iPhone X will now hover between 450,000 and 550,000 units, compared to 50,000 to 150,000 units a month or two ago”. The good news is that Apple would have anticipated this sharp increase in sales, which means that the firm should now avoid being out of stock, which is always unpleasant for a commercial business as the holiday and end of the year season approaches.

As a result, the delivery times are now quite decent, going from one to two weeks.

A solution to mass-production issues faced by Apple

ipposossksjsjehjeiueiuissiixxxThe same analyst also gave other critical informations, namely that Apple would have guaranteed the supply of two of its key components, where the firm was not able to secure it some time ago.

Indeed, its components had difficulty being supplied in large quantities by the brand’s subcontractors. But with Taiwanese company Career Technology, 4G antennas are expected to be designed in the volumes requested between November and December 2017, which is double compared to what this figure was during production time.

Apple should also rely on LG Innotek and Sharp suppliers for the famous sensors that will be used for the Face ID system, the outstanding facial recognition device of the new iPhone X, and which is no stranger to the success of Apple’s lastest smartphone.

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